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Learn how to view every bonus given in your company, filter results to find data you want, and create reports.

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To see a full, detailed history of every bonus given since the opening of your account, head to the 'Manage Bonuses' page. You can see your company’s entire history of every bonus given by selecting “All Time”:

This report details:

  • The user who gave the bonus

  • The user who received the bonus

  • The date the bonus was generated

  • The bonus amount

  • The hashtags associated with the bonus

  • The written reason for the bonus

Filtering by User:

You can filter the 'all bonuses' report to show only bonuses given and received by a single user by clicking the grey 'filter bonuses' button, entering their email address, or name and clicking 'filter.'

Filtering by Date:

You can specify a date range for this report, and view only bonuses from that date range.

Exporting Data:

This report can also be exported and downloaded as a CSV for further sorting and filtering in your favorite spreadsheet software. Just select a date range, and click the 'Export to CSV' button at the top of the page.

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