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Finding a specific user or group of users
Finding a specific user or group of users
Our filter tools make it easy to search your user list to find exactly who you're looking for.
Written by Sheri Williams
Updated over a week ago

Need to find a specific user, or a specific group of users? You don't need to spend any time digging through multiple pages to find them. Just use the 'Filter users' button on the User Management page:

Clicking 'Filter users' will open a dialogue where you can:

  • find a specific user by entering their email address or name,

  • view all users in a specific department,

  • view all users in a specific location,

  • view all users in a specific role, and

  • view all admin users

(Tip: You can view deactivated users that fit your search criteria by checking the "Include Archived" box)

You can use any of these filters in combination with one another to find exactly the users you're looking for. 👍 Users that match your search will appear below the filter options. When you've set your filters, click the filter button to see users that match all your set filters. In this example, we’ll filter for the “pawduct development” department: 

(Tip: to see all users again, click the gray 'Clear Filters' button located on the right side of the page.)

Have more questions about finding specific users or groups of users? Reach us at [email protected]

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