Choosing a color scheme

Brand your company's Bonusly account by creating a custom color scheme

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There are two color scheme options in Bonusly: Custom and Default. You can choose which color scheme you prefer from the ‘Company appearance’ page.

Creating a custom color scheme can be a great way to integrate Bonusly into your culture by creating a seamless look that fits well with your branding and culture. 

When you add a logo to your Bonusly account, we'll automatically pick a complementary color scheme to match! You can adjust your color scheme manually by selecting Custom color scheme next to Theme and adding the hex number in the Header, Header Text, and Brand fields for the colors you'd like to use.

If you click on the box next to Apply custom color scheme to Bonusly notification emails sent to users, we’ll update your notification emails with your customized colors. This allows you to keep a consistent look for all communications and announcements coming from Bonusly.

Once you're done, click the Save Settings button. You should see your new theme immediately! 🎉

Still need help setting a color scheme? Send us an email at [email protected] we'll get you sorted! 

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