First, you'll need your administrator to add the Bonusly Slack app to Slack for your team. Once the integration is installed, you can use the Bonusly Slack app or the  /give command to give a bonus via Slack.

To give a bonus in Slack, click on any channel or Direct Message (DM) and type in  /give and then return. Slack will bring up the Bonusly Slack app menu where you can give recognition, claim awards, and get rewards with the click of a button! 

The  /give command is private and only the user typing will see the Bonusly Slack app.

Next, click on Give a bonus:

Complete each field with your bonus information:

When you're ready to send the bonus, select the green Submit button, and that’s it! The bonus will now post in Slack, and also on Bonusly. 🎉

Prefer to build your own bonuses? No problem! You can continue to use the /give   command and bonus formula to create bonuses and recognize your teammates. 

The syntax is: /give +points @person for reason #hashtag 

Still need help giving a bonus through Slack? Just send us an email at and we'll help you out!

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