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Learn how to give recognition in Bonusly; it's easy!
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Giving recognition is probably the easiest thing you'll do at work, and a great way to make a colleague's day! Let's walk through a quick example of how to give recognition in the Bonusly app. My colleague Abby just finished a company website update to graphics on the homepage. Their efforts have lead us to having a beautifully updated, modern website. I want to recognize the contribution they made by giving them recognition. 

Each recognition requires four things:

Let’s go through these four components together!

When you first log in to Bonusly, you are greeted 👋🏼 with a sample text that is automatically generated as an example of how to give a recognition.

Sample text shown in the recognition box upon login to give an example of a how to put together a recognition post.

The sample text will disappear the moment you begin typing and clicking to add components to your recognition post! 👍🏼

A GIF demonstrating how the sample text will disappear once typing or adding something occurs.

1. The Amount

We'll begin by clicking the "Amount" icon box and selecting or typing in the amount we would like to give:

Clicking on Amount icon to select the amount of points you want give in your recognition.

2. The Recipient

Next, click the "Recipient" icon box and select the recipient(s) from the dropdown, or just start typing their name into the give field after the '@' symbol.

If adding multiple recipients, each recipient added will get the amount entered.

Example: if 3 recipients are added, and the amount is set to 50 points, the bonus will issue 150 total to give each recipient 50 points

We will give to Abby in this example:

Abby is selected as the recipient after clicking on the Recipient icon to select who to give.

3. The Reason

Then, add the reason for giving the recipient (Abby in this example) this recognition:

A reason is typed in to show Abby, the example recipient, why they are being recognized.

4. The Hashtag

To add a hashtag, click the "Hashtag" icon button and a list of company values appears. We'll select "#innovation" from the example list:

The Hashtag icon is selected to select or type in a hashtag which connects to the company values relevant to the reason the person is being recognized.

(Tip: Don't see the tag you want? No problem, you can add any tag you want by just typing it in.You can add as many additional tags as you want!)

5. Click 'Give!'

Click the 'Give!' button. You just recognized your colleague! 🎉 

We've just given Abby recognition in the Bonusly app! They get an email notification about the recognition, and the recognition appears at the top of the company's Bonusly recognition feed:

GIF showing the Give button being clicked on to post the recognition to the company's Bonusly recognition feed.
A posted recognition example where the example recipient, Abby, is recognized.


Want to include links, GIFs, images or more? You can put a lot into a recognition message. Are you ready to move beyond text, and add images, emojis, gifs and more? You can learn more pro-tips on giving recognition

Want to learn how to give great recognition? A great bonus will be timely, specific and include an example to show off the excellent work your colleagues are doing! You can learn more about what makes a bonus great here. 

Make a mistake? The 'Edit | Delete' options will remain available for a few minutes so you can make changes. Once the option disappears, you'll need to contact your company's Bonusly administrator to delete the recognition and try again. 

Clicking on the three dotted icon to expand an options list where user can edit or delete the post within the first few minutes where changes can be made.

Hate clicking boxes? We've got you covered. Just type your recognition directly into the give field using this format:

+10 @abby for the amazing website update! #innovation

GIF showing how a recognition can be typed in without having to click on any icon boxes.

Hit the 'Give' button, and you're all set! 

Still need help giving recognition? Send us an email to [email protected] and we'll help you recognize your colleagues!

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