Stay connected with your team no matter where the web takes you. The Bonusly Chrome extension makes it easy to give and view recognition and redeem for rewards without disrupting your workflow. 🎉

With the extension, you can:

  • Give bonuses from any Chrome tab

  • View recent bonuses

  • Redeem earnings for your favorite rewards

This article will walk you through adding the Bonusly Chrome extension, which is quick and easy!

First, go to Bonusly's listing on the Chrome web store, and select "Add to Chrome": 

A pop-up modal will appear to confirm that you want to add the extension: 

Once you confirm, you'll receive a message verifying that the extension has been added. 

You'll now the see the Bonusly icon to the right of your address bar:

By clicking the Bonusly icon, you'll have the option to give a bonus and review recent bonuses:

From the Rewards tab, you can redeem you Bonusly earnings for your favorite rewards: 

That's it! 🎉 You're now ready to give bonuses and see updates on the meaningful work your team is doing without leaving the website you're on. 


Can I redeem from a new reward type from the Chrome extension? 

No, you'll have to go to > Rewards to redeem for a new type of reward. 👍

Have questions about the Bonusly Chrome extension? Contact us at!

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