Before you can give an award, you'll need to create a Manual Award, which you can read about here

Anyone with the permissions to give from that award will now see the option "An Award..." appear in the drop-down on the give field:

A "Select an Award to give" modal will appear, with all of the manual awards you're allowed to give from available: 

First, choose your "Award Recipient":

Once you have chosen a user, the award previews will update to show what the bonus will look like. Select the award you would like to give::

Finally, select "Give Award" to give the bonus!:

The bonus will appear in your feed and teammates are able to comment and add-on just like other bonuses:

That's it! Now you can start giving standardized bonuses from the company for specific contributions and events! 🎉  

P.S. Drop down arrow not appearing? Try disabling your browser extensions. 

Have questions about using Manual Awards? Shoot us a message at and we'll get you squared away! 

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