Bonusly Pro amplifies everything you already love about Bonusly. You can recognize your teammates birthdays and work anniversaries, use Bonusly for company-wide initiatives and integrate your HRMS/HRIS to manage your user list automatically! ūüéȬ†

Use Bonusly Pro to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries 

Automatically recognize your teammates birthdays and work anniversaries with a customizable bonus bot! Your employees will get a customized bonus posted on the recognition feed to celebrate another trip around the sun. 

Colleagues will be invited to share in the celebrations and reminisce on their contributions. Instead of giving them a trophy, why not give them the opportunity to receive praise (and points)?

To get started, click here to learn more about our bots and how to set them up.

Use Bonusly Pro for company-wide initiatives 

Our company-to-employee recognition solution is effortless, high-impact, and flexible. You can set up a company incentive program for anything, whether it's a department-specific initiative or a company-wide program.

Here are a few creative ideas to start with:

  • Sales Pro: award points to employees that surpass their sales expectations.
  • Core Values Award: recognize your employees that go above and beyond in demonstrating your company's values.
  • Delight the Customer: highlight the exceptional feedback your employees receive from customers.
  • Go Green: reward your employees who bike to work or take public transit.
  • Self Care: encourage your employees to take care of themselves by getting flu shots or participating in yoga classes.
  • Culture Builder: recognize your employees who put in the hard work of organizing holiday office parties.

Setting up a fund takes just a few clicks, and giving a bonus from a fund is seamless with the recognition feed. 

Use Bonusly Pro to integrate with your HRIS/HRMS

With Bonusly Pro, you can integrate with your HRIS/HRMS system, including Zenefits, BambooHR and Workday, to automate your user management. Learn more. 

Use Bonusly Pro to enable your single-sign on provider

Let your users log in securely and easily. With Bonusly Pro, you can set up and use popular single-sign on providers like Okta or Open ID. Learn more. 

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