If your company catalog includes a 'PayPal Cash Out' reward, you can redeem it by following these steps.

Choose the PayPal reward

  • Scroll to the 'PayPal' reward under the CASH OUT heading in your company's reward catalog.
  • Click the green 'buy' button.
  • Choose the amount you'd like to cash out.

Note: if you use a different currency than your company uses in Bonusly, you'll see the exchange rate here.

Input your details and claim your reward

  • Enter the email address you use for your PayPal account. Make sure to double-check that the email address is correct.
  • Click the green 'Get Reward' button.

You'll see a progress bar while your reward is being delivered:

Next, you'll see a confirmation that your reward was delivered successfully:

If you view your PayPal account, you'll see the transaction appear like this:

That's it, your PayPal reward has been redeemed! 🎉 

If you have any questions about your PayPal reward, you can write us at support@bonus.ly anytime!

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