Giving a microbonus is probably the easiest thing you'll do at work today. Let's walk through a quick example:

My colleague Betty helped me prepare an invoice for a customer. Without her help, I might not have figured out how. I want to recognize that big contribution she just made by giving her a 20 point microbonus.

The Amount

I'll begin by clicking the '+' box and selecting or typing in the amount I would like to give:

The Person

Next, I'll click the person box and select Betty from the dropdown, or just start typing his name into the give field after the '@' symbol:

The Reason

Next, I add the reason I'm giving Betty this bonus:

The Tag

To add a tag, I click the '#' button and a list of popular tags appears. I'll choose #problem-solving from that list:

(Tip: Don't see the tag you want? No problem, you can add any tag you want by just typing it in.)

(Tip 2: You can add as many additional tags as you want.)


Bonusly has full emoji support. I'll add a little 🎉 emoji into the message by typing :tada  

(Tip: for a quick list of all the emoji you can use, head to the Emoji Cheat Sheet.)

Click 'Give!'

Click the 'Give!' button.

That's all there is to it.

I've just given Betty a microbonus for helping me out. She gets an email notification about the bonus, and it appears at the top of the feed:

Make a mistake? The 'Edit|Delete' options will remain available for a few minutes so you can make changes. Once the option disappears, you'll need to contact your company's Bonusly administrator to delete the bonus and try again.

Hate clicking boxes? We've got you covered. Just type your bonus directly into the give field using this format:

+20 @betty+demo for helping me get that customer their invoice!  #problem-solving :tada:

Hit the 'Give' button, and you're all set! 

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