You can edit your email preferences from this page. Be sure to click "Save Preferences" when you're done making your changes. 

Email notification types

  • Bonus emails let you know when you receive a new bonus.
  • Allowance emails reminds you to use your balance by the end of the month.
  • Comment notifications let you know when somebody comments on a bonus you've given, a bonus you've received, or a bonus you've commented on.
  • Activity updates notify you of any bonus activity that is going on around you. You can turn them on or off by checking the 'Activity update' box.
  • Reward notifications will notify admins of any pending reward requests via email.

Activity update frequency

You can set the frequency of activity updates between:

  • High (daily) 
  • Medium (once every few business days)
  • Low (once or twice a month)

Note that if there is no activity within your chosen frequency, no activity update will be sent. 

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