Integrating Bonusly with HipChat enables you to announce Bonusly activity and even give bonuses directly through HipChat. Installing the integration only takes a couple of minutes. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on setting it up:

Head over to your Integrations page here, and click on the "HipChat" icon under 'Social & Communication.'

Then, click on the grey button to open the 'install HipChat Add-On' button.

*You should already be signed in to HipChat, but if not, a new tab will pop open so you can log in to your HipChat account.

After you've signed into HipChat, an information box will populate with a description of Bonusly. Click the 'Approve' button to install.

Once you've approved the integration, you can set up what room in HipChat your team will be able to view and send bonuses. 

How to set up your HipChat Room for Bonusly Announcements

On the HipChat integration page, there will be a 'Configure' tab. This tab will give you a drop down to select the room that you will view and give bonuses. We've chosen the 'Announcements' room here at Bonusly, but it could be any room you decide. 

Select the room you'd like and then click the "Add-On Configuration" button to save your changes. Once you do, you will see a message in green, that reads 'HipChat configuration saved'.

That's it! You have now integrated Bonusly into your HipChat account! If you'd like to learn about how to give a bonus in HipChat head over to this help article! 🎉 

Still need help signing up? Shoot us a message at and we'll get you squared away! 

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