You can see a full, detailed history of every bonus given since the opening of your account in the 'All Bonuses' report:

This report details:

  • The user who gave the bonus
  • The user who received the bonus
  • The date the bonus was generated.
  • The bonus amount
  • The hashtags associated with the bonus
  • The written reason for the bonus

Filtering by User:

You can filter the 'all bonuses' report to show only bonuses given and received by a single user by clicking the grey 'filter bonuses' button, entering their email address, or name and clicking 'filter.'

Filtering by Date:

You can specify a date range for this report, and view only bonuses from that date range.

Exporting Data:

This report can also be exported and downloaded as a CSV for further sorting and filtering in your favorite spreadsheet software. Just select a date range, and click the 'Export to CSV' button at the top of the page.

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