Adding manager relationships for your user list will help improve employee recognition by allowing for new achievements, enhancing the recognition feed and unlocking deeper insights. 🔎 

Downloading your user list

To add manager relationships, you’ll first need to download your current user list. You can do this by going to your “Manage Users” page and clicking the “Export to CSV” button: 

Once your CSV export is downloaded, you can open, edit and save the CSV in any spreadsheet editor, including Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. 

Adding manager relationships to the spreadsheet

When you open your CSV with your spreadsheet editor, you'll see a column titled manager_email. Add each the email address for each user's manager in their row: 

In this example, Blue manages Woody and Pepper, and Armando manages Jessica and Blue. 

Uploading your changes

Once you’ve inputted manager emails and saved the spreadsheet, it’s time to upload your changes into Bonusly. Head to the “Manage Users” page, then click the “Bulk upload users” button: 

You’ll be taken to a new page and presented with two options. We’re going to use the “Bulk Import from CSV/XLSX File” option. Use the file picker to upload your spreadsheet: 

“Archive users not in the list?” option
Since you're not archiving users with this upload, leave this box unchecked. 

Once you’ve selected your file to upload and decided whether or not to archive users, click the green “Upload” button: 

Once your file has uploaded, you’ll be taken to a verification page that displays your list. This is your chance to double-check your data and make sure the list looks exactly the way you expect: 

If everything looks good, click the green “Import” button below the data on the left side of the page: 

A new box will pop up on the screen to confirm the changes. Click “Let’s do it!” 

You’ll see some green text confirming the upload was successful. Your manager relationships are now inputted into Bonusly! 🎉 

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