To make adding users easier, you can allow email addresses from certain domains to join your account with a link. 

Note: Before enabling auto-join, you'll want to make sure that your domain names are set. You can check out this article for directions on setting your domain name. 

Enabling auto-join

To enable auto-join, head over to the basic settings page. Near the bottom you should see a checkbox labeled 'Allow Auto-Join.' Check it, and click the 'Save Settings' button at the bottom of the page:

In our example above, Bonusly has the auto-join feature enabled. Anyone with an email address ending in will be able to join Bonusly's account if they're given the auto-join link.

Once you've enabled auto join, you can share your company invite link as you please. Users will be able to sign up and will be added to your organization's account! 🎉 

Helpful tips

  • You're not limited to auto-join from one domain — you can have as many as you need! Check out this article to read about how to change or set additional domain names. 
  • For security purposes, email address from public email providers (e.g. emails ending in,, etc.) are not eligible for auto-join. You'll need to add users with these email addresses manually. For an easy way to add users from a list of email addresses, take a look at bulk adding users by email address. 👍 

Still need help with auto join? Send us an email at and we'll help you out!

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